Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bread. Yes, i like it.

I went for a skiing trip a few weeks ago with some friends. As we were driving, they asked me about how much I liked about the Norwegian culture. Of course there are many aspects that I like about Norway, even though there are several others that are not as pleasing.

One of those that are appealing is that of eating bread almost all the time. I actually told them that ‘jeg elsker brød’. Of course they were surprised because the world ‘elsker’ has quite a deep meaning.

All the same, I remained adamant that I like bread. They therefore asked me to write a poem about my loving bread. Here it is;

Brød er godt,

Det er fint,

Jeg liker det veldig godt.

Det er lett å lage,

Lett å spise,

Noen kan spise den alltid,

Til frokost,

Til lunsj,

Til middag (If one is lazy to cook),

Til kveldsmat.

Jeg liker grovt brød,

Brunt brød,

Hvit brød,

Og mange andre.

Jeg elsker norsk brød!!!!!!

Sorry if you can’t make head or tail of the above poem. It is meant for my Norwegian ‘audience’.

This poem is dedicated to;

Knut, Karoline and Renate, who among others learned me oh no, taught me how to ski.

And Inki, who always taught me Norwegian even when I didn't want to.

I also dedicate it to Sammy, my team mate, who always laughed at me when I made grievous mistakes while trying to speak Norwegian.


Unknown said...

Wow! Good poem Jo! :D I like it! When are you writing one about the fish-head? :P hehe

Du er flink til å skrive dikt!

Renate said...

Dette var morsomt (funny)!
Brød er godt!

Anonymous said...

Awesome poem ;) your Norwegian is excellent!

Kjetil said...

great poem! I wanna eat bread too! could you hand over some to Brazil? See you in a month!! God Bless!

Vegard Tjørhom said...


I miss norwegian bread. Here in Cameroon there is only baguette in the shops. But in Kenya there were some OK bread (Supa Loaf), but no bread was like the norwegian bread. But, the fruit in Kenya is awesome(!!!!!), and the youghurt was also very good!

Hvordan går det sånn ellers? Det var et bra dikt du skrev! Gleder meg til å møte deg og Sammy igjen og snakke masse norsk :)