Friday, February 29, 2008

Sigh Of Relief in Kenya.

All eyes have been on the two political leaders since the chaos broke out after elections. The chaos were course uncalled for. The negotiation process has been an anxious moment for most Kenyans. Every evening update seemed to promise no hope, “progress has been made” only to realise that nothing much has been achieved.

It was therefore a sigh of relief when the two principal leaders decided to form what they are calling a grand coalition. The celebrations hat followed the signing of the deal was indeed a show of the anxiety that many Kenyans had, that was thankfully turned into joy.

There is however much more to be done. But I hope that the leaders will continue to show maturity and servant leadership even as the implementation process begins. There is a lot of sacrifices that will be required by many individuals, especially the parliamentarians. As every Kenya, I hope that they will follow suit and show servant leadership that many Kenyans have perhaps been awaiting for.

Bravo Kibaki and Raila.

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