Sunday, March 30, 2008

It is Summer time again!!!!

I write with nostalgia about this topic. This is because it was a disaster for me when the time was changed to winter time last year. It left me confused for some days because I thought that there was a more complicated explanation than what I was told. I thought there was a scientific reason to it, only to realize that there wasn’t.

The issue was made even harder to comprehend since it became darker and darker as days progressed, and of course winter slowly settled in. I can say that the last few months have been the coldest months I have experienced in my life. Having to dress up with more clothes wasn’t an easier concept either, let alone walking on icy roads that made me fall many times against my will.

But summer time is a time of complete contrast. A time that begins with Spring, when the flowers spring up and leaves grow up on trees again. A time of more life than winter, one would say. A time of more and more light, thus warmer and warmer. How I have missed the warmth of the midday sun along the equator!!

Just to be sure that I am not messed up again as I was last time, my friends send me information informing me of the time change for which am very grateful. I would probably be in confusion if they were not kind enough to remind me of the time change.

I really look forward to enjoying my spring and summer time here.

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