Monday, March 17, 2008

The Christain Union.

The Christian Union is made up of international students studying at the university in Stavanger. Working with this group has been one interesting experience, especially due to the diversity that cones with it.

Last Friday, I hosted the students for a dinner in our house. Sammy was away and therefore I was alone. I really don’t like cooking alone, but I had no alternative last Friday because I had to cook all alone and for several people. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed cooking. It was a rare occurrence.

The students are planning for an outreach at the beginning of next month. And we hope that all shall be well. It is indeed a taunting task but the good thing is that the students are willing to take the extra mile to ensure that they share the love of Jesus Christ with other students. We hope to join them in sharing the great nems of Jesus Christ this Easter.

So just pray that all shall go well with the outreach planned for the 1st of April.

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