Sunday, March 30, 2008

It is Summer time again!!!!

I write with nostalgia about this topic. This is because it was a disaster for me when the time was changed to winter time last year. It left me confused for some days because I thought that there was a more complicated explanation than what I was told. I thought there was a scientific reason to it, only to realize that there wasn’t.

The issue was made even harder to comprehend since it became darker and darker as days progressed, and of course winter slowly settled in. I can say that the last few months have been the coldest months I have experienced in my life. Having to dress up with more clothes wasn’t an easier concept either, let alone walking on icy roads that made me fall many times against my will.

But summer time is a time of complete contrast. A time that begins with Spring, when the flowers spring up and leaves grow up on trees again. A time of more life than winter, one would say. A time of more and more light, thus warmer and warmer. How I have missed the warmth of the midday sun along the equator!!

Just to be sure that I am not messed up again as I was last time, my friends send me information informing me of the time change for which am very grateful. I would probably be in confusion if they were not kind enough to remind me of the time change.

I really look forward to enjoying my spring and summer time here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Away on Holiday.

I was on holiday for one week ending the 18th of March. I travelled to Oslo the capital of Norway to be with my Brazilian friends. For some reason, deciding to go for the holiday took me a whole three weeks. All the same, while I was on holiday, I realized that it had been a much needed one.

During the holiday, I went to Noordmark’s Chapel with some of my friends in Oslo. This was a chapel put up by students so as to meet the spiritual needs of people going to the hills to ski or to walk during Sundays.

When we got to the chapel, I noticed that the atmosphere was so different. It was suddenly quiet and all of us went to the altar where we had a time to pray together. That is when I realized that whoever came up with the idea was guided by God. We had been walking in the snow for a while and rest was very necessary. The chapel provided more than that. We had a place to worship as well.

This was one of my serene moments in my life since I came to Norway. It was very refreshing, and am thankful for the chapel.

The chapel in the background after having praying together.

In the chapel.

I also went to a Norwegian course with my friends. The teacher was called Rita. She is one of the kindest ladies I have met. She is a retired teacher that has offered to help teaching my friends in Oslo. It was prior to Easter and she gave a card as a gift for Easter. Her gift reminded me not only of the death of Jesus at the cross, but his triumph as well over death. Praise be to his name.


Monday, March 17, 2008

The Christain Union.

The Christian Union is made up of international students studying at the university in Stavanger. Working with this group has been one interesting experience, especially due to the diversity that cones with it.

Last Friday, I hosted the students for a dinner in our house. Sammy was away and therefore I was alone. I really don’t like cooking alone, but I had no alternative last Friday because I had to cook all alone and for several people. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed cooking. It was a rare occurrence.

The students are planning for an outreach at the beginning of next month. And we hope that all shall be well. It is indeed a taunting task but the good thing is that the students are willing to take the extra mile to ensure that they share the love of Jesus Christ with other students. We hope to join them in sharing the great nems of Jesus Christ this Easter.

So just pray that all shall go well with the outreach planned for the 1st of April.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bread. Yes, i like it.

I went for a skiing trip a few weeks ago with some friends. As we were driving, they asked me about how much I liked about the Norwegian culture. Of course there are many aspects that I like about Norway, even though there are several others that are not as pleasing.

One of those that are appealing is that of eating bread almost all the time. I actually told them that ‘jeg elsker brød’. Of course they were surprised because the world ‘elsker’ has quite a deep meaning.

All the same, I remained adamant that I like bread. They therefore asked me to write a poem about my loving bread. Here it is;

Brød er godt,

Det er fint,

Jeg liker det veldig godt.

Det er lett å lage,

Lett å spise,

Noen kan spise den alltid,

Til frokost,

Til lunsj,

Til middag (If one is lazy to cook),

Til kveldsmat.

Jeg liker grovt brød,

Brunt brød,

Hvit brød,

Og mange andre.

Jeg elsker norsk brød!!!!!!

Sorry if you can’t make head or tail of the above poem. It is meant for my Norwegian ‘audience’.

This poem is dedicated to;

Knut, Karoline and Renate, who among others learned me oh no, taught me how to ski.

And Inki, who always taught me Norwegian even when I didn't want to.

I also dedicate it to Sammy, my team mate, who always laughed at me when I made grievous mistakes while trying to speak Norwegian.