Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music Concert.

The last two days have been moments of great worship to God through music. It has been a blessing to sing to God hymns of praises and worship. I joined the Salem choir in January and we have been singing together since then. We were particularly rehearsing for a concert that was there last Friday in Jørpeland. The concert finally took place and it was a great blessing to sing and bless God’s name, but also the people as well.

The song that was a great blessing among others was Everybody is talking. The song was about what we shall do in heaven. That I have a crown, a robe, shoes, song, praise, a shout among other things. When we get to heaven, we shall shout to the Lord, sing praises and songs, put on our shoes, robes and crowns and walk over God’s heaven. It was a great song where the combination of soprano, alto and tenor produced a great blend of music in praise of the Almighty God.

Then on Saturday was a day to listen as other musicians sang. It was a great concert as well attended by among others Andrae Crouch. But before he sang, several other singers did sing, and one of them was almost eighty. He was incredible. His voice was so strong and his face could testify of his long pilgrimage with God.

Crouch shared a testimony with us about his youth and how he began to play music. He also shared how God healed him of cancer after many of his family members died of the same disease. And when he began to sing, I couldn’t fail to notice his deep joy of the Lord in his voice and face. Indeed as he sung Jesus is the answer to the world today I knew that he was singing out of real experience. This concert is the most outstanding and reflective concert that I have attended and I hope that I will continuously ponder on his everlasting love and mercy upon my life.

I went to the concert with a friend, Tom and Sammy. Tom has been a great blessing and I thank him for ensuring that I attended the concert. I will forever be grateful for him.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meeting Europe in Linz, Austria.

The IFES Europe conference was held in Linz, Austria, from the 20th to the 21st of March. This was a conference that brought together Christian students from mainly Europe and other countries as well.

The theme of the conference was BECAUSE OF LOVE. The emphasis was the desire and the need for Christian students to reach their fellow students with the love of Christ.

Other than meeting many new friends, I also got an opportunity to learn more about the state of Christianity in Europe.

In one of the tents, there was this statement that really got my attention. It stated; Europe, the prodigal continent.

This indeed reminded me of the prodigal son in the bible and the way he was warmly received back by his father. And I gathered that that is what God is ready and willing to do to anyone that has deviated from God’s call in his/her life.

And thus even thought the future of Christianity doesn’t look good, the good thing is that God is forever willing to receive back those who are ready and willing to go back to him. The plenary speakers had one main emphasis, the urgency with which the gospel has to be shared. This is not very easy in any particular place, but what is required of us is to be ready and willing to be used of him to bring people back if fellowship with him.

We had also an Easter service on Easter Sunday. There was nothing spectacular like seeing more than 2000 studnets gathered for the service. It was an awesome experience to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ together.

Easter Sunday service.