Friday, October 23, 2009

Out with First Year Students....

Transition is one of the most challenging things that every morning as the sun rises, constantly faces everyone or is it one faces. One grows a day older every morning. However handling this challenge isn’t easy. And one of the not so easy transitions to handle is entry into institutions of higher learning.

I love working with students. And so two days ago, we went out for a retreat with first year students-freshmen they are called elsewhere. It was exciting to be in the nature and to as well play those games that we indeed played in the days of old as we grew up. It was just beyond imagination to see more than 700 students from more than 12 institutions around Nairobi gathered in the name of the Lord.

In the afternoon, the students split up into several smaller groups. We had animated discussions in our group, and I remember the students protesting that the time given for the discussions was too short. As the discussions unfolded, I could see so many questions in the faces of the students, and it seemed that whatever they were asking was just but a bit of what was going on in their minds-kind of scratching the surface. And this reminded me of my experience in first year, not so long ago. And I knew that as a student worker, all that was required of me is to indeed give the responses that I could on this day-but then be committed to walk along side these students as they begin their studies at campus and college. And as we prayed at the end of the day, one thing was very clear, that they would make it just the way I had…

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just How Public?

Nearly a month ago I was privileged to attend Staff Orientation and Training at FOCUS Kenya. One of the speakers doing a devotional on embracing Godly leadership said something that is still ringing in my head, “our lives as leaders should be such that it can be toured by any one at any time without shame”.

A week later, I went with a friend to one of the popular tourist destinations in Kenya; Maasai Mara. This place is popular for its biodiversity and richness in fauna and flora. Our driver was good and not so good. Good that he ensured that we see the animals and birds, because that was all we had gone to see-and enjoy the creation of God. Not so good because he was flouting most of the basic guidelines that I knew of when it comes to driving within Game parks and Reserves. Moving too close to the animals and all that kind of stuff.

But then while we were there, I just remembered the teachings; having a life such that it can be toured any time by any one. We managed to see quite a lot of the big five except the rhino. What came to mind was that all that these animals know is being gazed at, nearly every hour of daylight. 12 hours a day, they are there to be looked at, to be seen, to be photographed. Actually, the driver told us that the animals had learnt how to pose for photos…may be. Just may be. But then me as an individual, how open is my life to be toured by anyone at any time? Can I manage an hour per day of my life being toured by anyone at their pleasure? Quite a big question…….

And this is my desire for my lifetime-living a life such that it can be toured by anyone at any time without shame. The challenge is that it just doesn’t happen. It takes time and discipline, and help from God. So help me God……..