Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The New Year is here with us, or should I say here with me. A New Year of making resolutions indeed. I have been making new resolutions every New Year. However I have hardly been able to fulfil hem. The good thing is that I have always fulfilled the resolutions even without following them. Of course that is maybe not good.

So the challenge I am having this New Year is how to make my resolutions. Some ways of doing things become a tradition, and that is what am struggling with. As I struggle with this however, one New Year resolution that I have is to be better than I was last year. Better seems too wide and not concrete at all. But that is another challenge that I have. I have just learned that there are many ways of doing many things.

The first half of this year will be spent in Norway. This will most likely present with me many challenges. This is because it will be a time I will be making very crucial decisions about my life. I believe that with the help of the Lord God, I will be able to make the right decisions.

God has been faithful in the last year. My friends too have been faithful and am glad that they stood by me, especially when I was stupid sometimes. You are a great treasure for me and God bless you all.

I hope that the New Year will equally present you with new opportunities. I look forward to having great experiences with you and reaching new heights in this season of continuous blessings from the Lord.

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