Sunday, January 6, 2008

Infield Course.

Travelling comes with many issues. Life for me is kind of a journey. Moving from one place to another. Doing one thing from the other. It further involves making decisions that make one to move from one place to another.

My life journey last year took me to Norway, where I still am. It has been good living in this country for the last five months, which is half the time am meant to be here. Thus it is a time to stop and take stock of the past and also dream about the future.

The last five months have presented so many opportunities of working with university students at Stavanger. I further got many opportunities to interact with many other people, especially at the IMI church where we go for services.

I also got an opportunity to travel Denmark for a conference. This gave me more experience that I greatly appreciate. Meeting students and staff from the Nordic countries was very fulfilling.

There are of course many other numerous activities that I was involved in the last year. Am so grateful to God and all the people around me for being faithful and believing that I could be able to do the many assignments I was entrusted with.


I have been at Hald international Center for the last one week, doing an infield course. It has been a great opportunity to meet others and reflect on the past but also to look forward to the future.

The future.

The short term focus is now for the remaining five months of my stay here. I look forward to being involved in many activities this new year, especially with the students at the university. I also look forward to learning more on my main interest in leadership. This will be by reading more books on leadership that will give me a better understanding of the same.

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