Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eleven Months to New Year's Eve.

It is a month now since the new year began. One would say time flies!! Does it really? I visited a friend today. While he was taking us back home, he said something that got my attention. He said that it is 11 months to New Year’s Eve. Of course it is the same thing as saying that it is the end of January.

That got me thinking about this year so far. A lot has happened in this year, even though it is only 30 days. The main concern to me right now is to try and ask myself if I have been true to my word that I will become better and better in this year than the previous year. So far, am not sure, but at least am on track.

What makes it hard to do an evaluation is that last year began when I was in Kenya. Beginning a year in Norway is totally a new and different scenario. But I have been reconciling the two. And actually I have found a common ground. And you know what!! The common ground is me. And that is exciting.

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