Monday, January 7, 2008

Building on your stengths.

The creation is full of diversity and beauty. I have been asking myself about some basic questions. Why is it that there are lions in Kenya by nature, and say only in Norway in the zoos? Why is it that there are elks and bears in Norway and none in Kenya? Further to this, what would happen if Norway insisted that it wants to have lions in the wild just like Kenya and vice versa. It would be an effort in futility, I think.

These diversities, natural orientations and advantages are also observed in people. There are people that when seen dancing, for instance, you would wish that they would do so forever. There are others that you would wonder why they are trying to do so in the first place. Interestingly, those ones unable to dance are likely to be better at something else. These abilities are quite observable in many people. There are things that some people can do; almost perfectly and like them; the same things are almost impossible for other persons or if possible, they not done with as much fun.

This is part of what I have really appreciated during the infield course at the International school. It is true that every body has strengths, though different. Further, that every one should put their strengths to work, as opposed to weakness. This is because people who put their strengths to work get better and better most of the time as opposed to those who fix their weaknesses.

The challenge I now have in the present and near future is to try and find out what really my strengths are and how put them to work to be better, as opposed to fixing my weaknesses.


faith said...

hey Jo!
i love yo reflections! thats a strength already, by the way: the ability to reflect on things and life. some of us cant...hehe!
keep it up!

Gwladys said...

Its not that I imitate what Faith just said but, I do agree every single word of it, and I double it to you Joe.