Thursday, February 21, 2008


Go, learn and become is what I call the Hald’s three commandments. Having been here for six months now, there are many things that u have been leaning. Of course becoming follows learning. One of the things that I have been becoming is Norwegian. I have just realized that I have become quite like a Norwegian in several aspects.

Food habits.

Eating bread most of the time was not an interesting thing at all. But right now, I can say that bread is one of my favorite meals in Norway.


It is not easy to do skating by all means. But after doing it twice, I can now say that I am among those people that can do skating, even though it is still very pathetic.


This is among outdoor activities that are liked by very many Norwegians. The air in the open mountains is refreshing and it is a lot of fun to do skiing, especially with friends or as a family.

Two weeks ago, we went skiing with a couple of friends in Sirdal. This was down hill skiing. Of course it goes without saying that I got to fall countless times. At first I remember I was so scared to fall. One of the friends we had gone with told me that falling on snow does not hurt anything, other than my pride. He was right!!!! So what I decided to do is to keep falling like a kid; no, the kids were doing much better that I was. So I kept falling like a person who was skiing for the first time. And after several falls, I got the confidence and I had fun the whole day. Of course I was helped alto by friends who were helping me learn skiing.

Here are some photos.

Just before Skiing began.

Lunch break.

Last weekend, we went to Sauda to visit a family of a friend, Tord, who is now in Cameroun. I also got an opportunity to go skiing again. It was cross country skiing this time round. It was much easier this time round and at least I didn’t get to fall many times. Visiting Tord’s family was an opportunity to know more about the

situation in Kenya since the family was in Kenya last month. It was good hearing about their experiences. One of the most exciting experiences of the weekend was when we had to prepare a Kenyan meal, Ugali for the family and friends. It was good to see that the family liked the food.

Here are some photos as well.

Down... down... down.........

With Tord's family.

Speaking Norwegian.

Speaking Norwegian is not easy. I have been trying to speak it whenever I get an opportunity. As much as the progress has been good, it has come with many silly mistakes which I wouldn’t want to mention here. The good thing is that am getting to speak more and more Norwegian and am so happy abut that.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Do you actually prefer bread? You're far too much Norwegian! And remember that pathetic skating is better than no skating!

Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your blog!

pam2rya said...

Uhmmm u r having a good time!!! so how many times did you fall with the skiis???

THEMORAN said...

ha ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

in the "down...down ...down.." photo..i cant see ur face...

....aint it so nice to be kenyan,....u can see without showing your face

luv mob
wewe ni mse wa NGUVU

Anonymous said...

Hi joe.

I've now known where to find you. Umepatikana.