Monday, February 11, 2008

Youth Conference.

Imagine this scenario; three thousand people gathered together in one big hall. Most of them aged between 14 and 19 years. Several bands of great singers and many good preachers. I bet that such a combination produces some kind of a ‘mess’, especially during singing.

This was what characterized Impuls 2008 at the IMI church a few days ago. The young ones were crazy for Christ as one would say. The first night saw more than 50 of them come in fellowship with Christ.

Worship during the conference.

The mess in this case is of course not negative. The fact that excitement fills the air as they sing for joy to the Lord who has given them, and of course me and all the Christians freedom. During the conference, I rediscovered some of my gifting. I had kind of forgotten about it for sometimes. This gifting is actually making ululations. I realized on that weekend that once a boy, always a boy as I shouted my head off during the singing.

There is this song really got to my heart. It was called Frihetens Konge, which basically means King of freedom. Indeed Jesus is our king of freedom. Seeing the many young people, including myself jumping with joy was indeed a confirmation of this.

The main purpose of Impuls is to bring an awakening among the young in churches in Norway and the world over. Once again, seeing such a big gathering, one is left to conclude that the Christianity is alive in Norway among the young.

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