Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hard-Easy thing called Skating.

Growth and development in human beings has several stages. The first is of course conception, all the way to the last which is old age. When a kid is born, it is always received with joy and celebration. But the kid always demands a lot of attention as he/she grows up.

Toddlers are known for crawling around the house and trying out everything and turning things upside down in the house. But there is always celebration as well when they begin walking (not sure it is the right English word.). My mum told me that I began walking when I was one year old. This is how it was when Our friend Tom took us skating.

These memories flooded my mind when I went skating today for the first time. Walking on the hard ice was impossible for me just the way it was before I was one. I felt stupid that I couldn’t just walk on the ice. I mean, it is just walking!!!! All the same, I came to understand that I have to go back to the basics just the way it was when I was one. I fell down many times in my futile attempts.

Three Skating Teachers.

I had almost given up when I began talking to some three Norwegian girls. I think they were about 7 or 8 years old. I can’t speak much Norwegian, but they all the same gave me some skating lessons. They explained to me what I should do, and it actually worked to the excitement of both of us. They were school kids, and it was very disappointing when they had to go. They said numerous bye byes, and I just wished they could teach me more. They were adamant of leaving until their teacher had to take them away because they were going somewhere else.

Well, am not sure I will meet any of them again. They deserve all the credit for making me gain confidence to do some skating. They are my three little skating instructors and I will forever remember them.

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