Friday, December 14, 2007

Prayer Meeting.

The practise of Christianity in Norway is diverse just as it is in any other country. This is because of the differences between the Christians in Norway. This is also observed in the student group that we work with.

We had a prayer meeting last week where about 15 students attended. It was good to see that all of us that were there expressed ourselves before God in many different ways.

Candles making the cross during the meeting.

Singing during the meeting.

Time to thank God.

We had plenty of time to thank God for the many good things this year. God has been gracious to all of us through out the year, and we were filled with gratefulness as we looked back at the past and saw God’s faithfulness. This gave us confidence to face the future that is uncertain, but we can certainly make it by faith.

The students are now away on for the Christmas break. I look forward to January. I believe that God has great things for us during Christmas and New Year.

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