Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas is here with us.

It is Christmas time, despite it being so early in December. Norway is a Christian state and therefore Christmas is a deep cultural practise. There are a lot of things that come with this religious and at the same time cultural activity.


People began shopping for Christmas as early as November. Actually, some shops had Christmas stuff long before November. Shopping is of different kinds. From the food that will be eaten to good dress that will be worn during Christmas. Many people also shop for Christmas gifts. It is as if everybody must get at least a gift from either a friend or a family member.

Advent and the Christmas Calendar.

Advent begins on the first day of December. This is a period of waiting for the birth of Jesus.
On these 24 days, there is a Christmas calendar that helps the people get ready for Christmas. For kids, there is a calendar that has surprise gifts everyday. They can also have an activity calendar where they get to do something, especially when they are not at school. For the grown ups, there is a calendar to help you plan all through the advent period, including shopping and sending and gifts.

The unfolding Surprises.

What remains is to see the unfolding activities in this month in the Norwegian culture. I know there are many things that are to happen during this time, and I look forward to learn from them. My greatest desire is that this will be a time to deeply reflect on the love of Jesus Christ, and that he will take the centre stage in all these celebrations.

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themoran said...

Am a so Thankful to The Lord almighty that my Bishop has a BLOG.

In your next line, let me see your face..(hop umenona)
and further tell us how the ministry is doing there

Asante mara Millioni juu ya millioni, kwa urafiki nawe, pia kwa kupata kushiriki nawe katika Bwana

Ole Toirai