Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stavanger, our place of internship.

On 15th, I and Sammy visited Stavanger. It is the city in which we shall live for the next six months beginning 28th September. I dont much of its history, but it is a city with ancient buildings. One of the ancient buildings is a church, shown below.
Another thing is that there are many iron men. I dont know what they symbolize, but I hope to learn about them with time. Some of the iron statue are shown below.

My friends Torstein and Inki in Stavanger.

We shall be living in a well furnished apartment, 15 minutes' drive out of the city centre. It is surrounded by good green fields that are beautiful to behold. Below are ptotos of the rooms and the fields.

Joseph (myself), standing in a field outside our apartment in Stavanger.

Social gathering of students at Stavanger.

Unuversity of Stavanger where we shall be working with Sammy.
I really look forward to going to Stavanger this friday, a place we shall be living their for the next six months.

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