Friday, September 7, 2007

Home, and Home away from Home.


Home away from Home.
I have been in Norway for the last 4 weeks. Norway is a beautiful country on the North of Europe. This country is beatiful. It is green all over now that the summer is just ending. I have been living in the south of Norway, at a place called mandal. This is where hald international school is. It has been good being here because I have learned so much so far.
I have been so observant here, and I am really learning alot from that. I hope to really get to know Norway.
There are 67 students at hald this year. These students are drawn from different countries. It has been good interacting with people from very different cultures.


I have lived in Kenya for the last 24 years. I come from the Western part of this very beautiful country. My character has actually been formed from this country.
When I was young, my mum and the teachers of the school that I attended always insisted that because a person had two ears and one mouth, one was required to listen more and talk less. I took up this from them and it has really shaped me. Something that they also taught me was always make conlusions from extensive observations. It has been fun practising those old tricks.

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