Monday, June 23, 2008


On board Kenya Airways; the pride of Africa,

On my way to Norway, a country way up north,
The unknown country; where there is sun even at midnight.

Norway I had been told,
No Way had I thought,
Norway I found,
Many ways I found.

A city built on sand I landed,
Full of fjords I saw,
Conglomerations of islands I thought,
Was Norway the No Way?

At Hald I arrived,
Strangers I saw, Norway I had arrived,
In the land of many ways.

In one school I met
What seemed to be the whole world,
From Africa they came,
A natural tan of chocolate and black.

From the football loving Brazil and Cameroon,
To the fast running Kenyans
From the pearl of Africa; Uganda,
To the island of Ravalomanana, Madagascar,
From the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania,
From the rainforests and the Amazons in Bolivia and Peru,
To the advancing Thailand and neighboring Laos,
From the orthodox Serbia, to the new Montenegro,

From the hills and fjords of Norway they came,
Both the vertically challenged and enhanced,
All languages were spoken,
Confused I was.

Food was different,
People were different,
Houses were different,
Driving was on the 'wrong' side of the road,
Summer it was and cold I felt.

Winter came with snow,
Darkness at three in the afternoon!
White rain I saw,
Mesmerized I was.

Strange things I said,
Strange things I did,
Walking like a baby I did,
In the name of skating.
Families I visited, strange things I said,
Fine hair I meant, clever hair I said,
I am fine I meant, I am nice I said,
I must catch a bus I meant, I must imprison a bus I said.

Ten months on I notice,
Friendships have developed,
Everything is no longer strange,
The strange melodious language I can speak,
Everyone is outgoing more than I thought,
It has been great to be together,
Jeg kan Norsk nĂ¥,
Norge er et fint land.

And it is painful to say bye………………..


Unknown said...

Are you serious? You are back to stay! Well, then welcome back. Its nice to come back home. Home is a place you will always be welcome, when things are fine, and when things are bad. When the world turns its back on you, you are always welcome at home. When the world smiles at you, you are still welcome at home to celebrate with your own. We will rejoice with you when you succeed, we will cry with you when you fail. Home sweet home! Welcome ooh

Eirik said...

:) nice one!

Anonymous said...

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