Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back t o Hald.

It is now three weeks since I got back to Hald International Center. At the beginning of the school year in August, it was fun being together with all the students. At the end of September, it was a sorrowful moment when we had to part as the students went to different places within Norway and several other countries for the practice period of the school year.

Even though I had been communicating with many of the students, seeing them again at Hald has been a great inspiration. It is good to see that all the students came back safe and sound. To this all glory goes to God.

The challenge however has been that the six months have been great time for many transformations. So many of the students are really changed. The non Norwegian like me are now tending to be more Norwegian as those Norwegians that went to different countries tend to have taken after the cultures of those countries. Thus you can imagine that in some aspects, I am behaving more Norwegian awhile the students that went to Kenya are sounding more Kenyan in some aspects. Well, even though it is a challenge, it is the uniqueness of the International school. I hope that my interactions will remain fruitful with the students even as we near the end in the next one month.

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