Thursday, October 25, 2007


I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday. It was a good moment of knowing the far that God has brought me. It was a nice time to celebrate my birthday away from home. It was so different. I celebrated the birthday in the office with Sammy, Gunn Elin, Sigurd and other staff members.

At the house, I celebrated with my housemates; Einar, Finn, Sverre and Ingunn. Tone and her husband Leif joined us as well.
It was a solemn party, bearing in mind that am now a quarter a century old.
The birthday cake.

The birthday boy cutting the cake

I received a number of gifts from my friends. Tone and her husband bought me two movies. Thye are very good!! My housemates bought me two tickets for the Cinema, which is called Kino here. Last but not least, the Laget students bought me a fishing line. I hope to go fishing one of these days. We just live by the ocean

Me, the proud owner of a fishing line.

My prayer is that God will continue to be gracious to me and he will enable me to live to fulfill His purposes in my life.

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You write very well.